Book for less

Book for less


We are on 3 booking sites:, Airbnb and HomeAway.

The link to these pages are:

Booking via these sites can offer a measure of safety for both sides. We understand and are fine with that. But the costs will be higher.

Book for less

If you are looking for discounts by booking directly, we offer these:

  • If your group is 10 persons or less and we can close some rooms and we will charge € 100 cleaning fee less;
  • If you book directly we charge 10 % less than the booking site;
  • If you book within 14 days of the arrival date and you book directly with us, we offer an additional 15% last-minute discount, so a total of 25% discount;
  • Occasionally you will see the availability of less than 1 week in the high season: June, July, August, September. We may offer those days for the daily rate instead of the total weekly rate. Check with us.

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