Help us to make your stay at Villa Kempen-Broek a success. Please call us well in advance for advice about entertainment in the Villa and in the surrounding area and about getting food and drink easily to your vacation Villa. Especially if you have no experience cooking for a large group in strange kitchens it is worthwhile to contact us. We will make organizing this a lot easier at no cost! We also help you to correctly follow the basic house rules regarding food left overs, drink spills or noise nuisance so you get your whole deposit back: everybody happy!

In this corona time we spend extra time cleaning. We have ordered large quantities of Dettol and we disinfect everything!


Check in is from 16.00 PM. Let us know as soon as possible, but no later than a week in advance, what time you will arrive. Your host will wait until one hour after the time you indicate. Send us your mobile number and notify us 2 hours before the agreed arrival time if there are any delays to ensure that there is someone present to show you around and to hand over keys.

Do NOT bring any speakers or anything else that makes noise. If you do bring them and use them you will lose your deposit. We have high quality, high volume speakers of the right voltage placed correctly inside the party areas.

We provide high quality bed linens, two towels and a bath towel. Bring tennis balls. We provide the rackets.

Dogs and cats are welcome. Please bring their bedding and what more is needed to keep the residence clean and hygienic. Dogs and cats must be kept on a leash on the property at all times. No dog/cat walking on the property. There are walking areas right outside the gate.


Guests have their own entrance gate located at the IJzerenmanweg 1. Cars can be parked inside the gate safely. Please close the gate at night: your insurance will not be pleased when you leave your cars out in the open! Only registered guests are allowed to enter the grounds.

HomeAway already collects €500, – deposit. If you booked via or Airbnb €500, – must be deposited in cash in an envelope with the right IBAN number and name on the envelope immediately upon arrival so that, after possible deductions, it can be transferred back to the right bank account within 14 days after check-out

The tourist tax is € 2,15 per person per night. Websites do not collect this tax as it is different in each municipality. This tax must be paid upon arrival. No access will be permitted without prior payment of deposit tourist tax.

Our insurance forbids fire and smoking of any kind indoors. This includes smoking in any way, candles, incense, and sparklers. We have prepared outside smoking areas.


Are you missing something you expected to find as an amenity? Something is not working properly? Tell us immediately and we will do our very best to solve the problem ASAP. Your contacts for this period are:

  • Frans Claessens: +31 6 48 96 3131.
  • Support number: +31 6 82 67 25 05


Parties are allowed inside the swimming pool and inside the party attic. Once again: do not bring amplifier, speaker or musical instruments. You may blow a fuse and spend your days in the dark, get complaints from the neighbors or a visit from the police and you will lose your deposit. Loud music only inside the party attic or inside the swimming pool with the swimming pool doors and/or garage doors closed. Please feel free to party inside to your heart’s content, drink, dance, sing, whatever, but: outside areas must stay quiet areas.

For safety reasons, glass objects should not be used in the swimming pool. We provide plastic glasses.

Please note there is also a pond on the property. And there are stairs. The full responsibility for children, tipsy people, etc. lies with you. We advise never to use the swimming pool, picnic area near the pond, party attic on your own. Always accompany children.

We have high quality furniture. Please respect our property. Clean up all broken glassware, spilled drinks and other consequences of parties or small children immediately. Clean stains as soon as possible to prevent drying up and causing lots of work for our cleaning crew. We should not need to clean up your breadcrumbs in the sofa or sticky floors because you did not clean up drink spills immediately. Cleaning stuff can be found in the side kitchen where the washing machine and freezer are.


Check-out time is 10:00 AM. If occupancy allows early check-in and/or late check out may be arranged at an extra charge.

Before checking out do all the dishes properly. If necessary, put the last bits of dishes in the dishwasher and switch it on, but do not overload it. Clean any food or drink residue on the floors, sofas and tables. Dispose of all garbage at the places indicated. Make sure you separate waste into glass, paper and the rest. Used bed covers, blanket covers, pillow cases and towels are to be left on the table tennis table in the garage. The Molton under blankets around the mattress remain on the beds. Do tall his before check out time.

Make sure that you do not forget anything: sending forgotten items costs €40 and upwards depending on weight and size. We keep lost and found up to one month. After one-month unclaimed items are discarded. Hand over all keys, connectors and remotes to your check out host. Lost items will be charged.

Contact your host the day before your departure to agree on a check out time and walk-around inspection.


The deposit will normally be returned in 14 days after check-out. Damages will be charged at repair/replacement cost.

The entire deposit will not be returned if:
●      We find signs of smoking indoors;
●      If you use fire in any way, shape or form in the house including candles and incense;
●      If you use glass in the swimming pool;
●      If you do not keep your dog on a leash or walk your dog on the property;
●      If you caused noise nuisance.

This is our home, not the kind of party venue where they are used to hose down everything after a party! Party like you would party in your own home. Clean up like you would do in your own home and do it before check out time when the cleaning crew has to take over immediately. We do a normal thorough clean up. If extra cleaning is required, we charge €25,- per hour.

We reserve the right to change these house rules without further notice if the experience makes this desirable.