The Wining Part


The wining part

Van der Feesten is close by and a specialised all-drinks shop. If you want, you can go and pick up drinks yourself. They also deliver all drinks if ordered in time. They even take back what you do not use in the end.


For a better class of wines or a wine tasting contact:
Guus Benders, Vinoloog van de Wijnacademie, Wijnhandel Léon Colaris BV, Franklinstraat 1, 6003 DK  Weert
T 0031495532462,

Or contact Ad Bibenduuum for quality wines and wine tastings:
Tom Nollé

Less expensive wine tastings:
Vinea Wine Events,
Esther van Hoef,
0031 6 4896 31

Add food to these wines and you will have an entertaining all-round evening!